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  1. A3RO Main Rules 1. Hacking, duping, scamming, botting, using macros, afk farming/levelling with or without the use of homonculus AI, and/or tampering with A3 Ragnarok Online in any way, shape, or form (including 0 delay) is illegal. 2. Abuse of gameplay/NPC bugs is illegal. If you find a bug, it is in yours as well as the servers' best interests to report it. 3. Buying, selling, and/or trading of items/zeny in A3 Ragnarok Online for real money, be it in the form of electronic-currency, game or phone credits, or for items/zeny in another server via any means of communication, be it in-game, forums, or social media (ie: Facebook, Twitter, etc.), is illegal. 4. The use of any character, party, guild names or titles intended to mislead/impersonate others is illegal. This includes but is not limited to "GM", "Game Master", "Security", "Admin", or "Administrator". In addition, the official use of the A3 RO name is illegal without explicit permission from the server administrator. 5. Advertisement of other servers/webpages apart from those endorsed by A3 Ragnarok Online by any means within A3 Ragnarok Online and its forums is illegal. 6. Farming through the repeated resurrection/killing of yourself and/or other players for the express purpose of gaining PVP points and/or other Points is illegal. 7. Show a minimum form of respect for all players. The staff, be it support players, GMs, or the administrator, are players too. All individuals have the right to be respected by others until they prove otherwise. 8. Spamming of selling, buying or trading chats in the main town disrupts and inhibits town talking and is illegal. In addition, spamming in general is highly discouraged. Players are encouraged to pause in-between advertising for their wares, even in the designated trading areas. 9. Vending anywhere outside of the designated vending area map is illegal. 10. Disruptive skill spamming, the use of skills repetitively to lag other players or the server, is illegal in areas of high player density. Testing something in a town is fine, but AoE skill spamming, or lag causing skill use over a prolonged time can invoke an offense. 11. The use of dead branches or bloody branches in any area of high player density that results in disruption of order or annoyance is illegal. That is what the branch room is for. 12. Abuse of the broadcast NPC is strictly forbidden. Abuse here is defined as "using it for anything other than its intended function (buying/selling/trading/rgm/paging player or gm)". All broadcast functions are to be used as exactly. Any attempt to use the broadcaster in a way that is technically within the bounds of the broadcaster's rules but violates the spirit of it will be considered as abuse. 13. Guild emblems must be visible and distinct when participating in War of Emperium. This means that your emblem cannot be "nothing" or an image with only two small letters on it; it has to be something that's big enough to be seen by other guilds. This also means you cannot copy opposing guild emblems in an attempt to fool them. RECOMMENDATIONS BY THE STAFF 1. Do NOT give out your ID or password to anyone, this includes GMs. A GM will not ask for your ID or password, so use caution with this. If you share your account information, and someone takes items off of your account, do NOT ask a GM to replace your items. 2. The GM team takes no responsibility in the event an account has been hacked and the account owner has been found to share their account info. Furthermore, they will be unable to take any further action in regards to cases once this fact is brought to light. SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT INFO AT YOUR OWN RISK. 3, If you loan out items or equips, you do so at your own risk. If you loan out items to someone and they keep the items, do NOT ask a GM to get them back for you. 4. If you engage in trades that exceed the 10 item per trade limitation (e.g. Hero Quest items, Large quantities of equipment such as Valkyrie shields), you do so at your own risk. In the event you trade the items to someone else and do not receive your suggested payment for it WITHIN THE SAME TRADE, Rule 17 on the loan of items or equipment’s will apply. **If you wish to have a "safe trade" use @request to use one of the Staff Members as an intermediary for the trade, remember to take screenshots of the deal**
  2. Welcome to A3 Ragnarok Online Please Introduce Yourself
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